Window Shades for Doors: Make a Beautiful First Impression

window shades for doors

Window Shades for Doors: Make a Beautiful First Impression

The entryway to your home is full of potential. Are you looking for ways to spruce it up to make a gorgeous first impression? Do you want to walk through your door every day feeling refreshed with the ambiance it brings? Are you already thinking about the holidays–hosting guests that have never been to your home? Window shades for doors will bring a beautiful appearance to your entryway. And what about function? Do you find yourself wishing you had solutions to some of the most common door problems? Privacy, light control, energy efficiency–these are all affected when you don’t have the right window shades for doors. Some of these openings can represent the largest ‘windows’ in your home, with french doors and sliding glass doors. You need amazing style and incredible function. Take a look at the best ways to make a first impression.


A Stylish Welcome

energy efficient window shades for doorsThe first seven seconds…do you know that’s how quickly a first impression is established? Research shows that the ‘feeling’ someone gets during the first seven seconds make a huge impact on their feelings way into the future. Set the perfect scene right at the entryway to your home with the right window shades for doors. Gorgeous fabrics, exclusive textures and eye-catching colors will make the first impression of your home a positive one for years to come.


An Invitation of Light

sidelight shades window shades for doorsYou want the atmosphere of your home to be style-savvy, but also one of comfort. The right amount of light–and light control–will lead to the right atmosphere. To invite the right atmosphere, you might need window shades for doors that pull light into your entryway–just the right amount. Or maybe you have too much light? In that case, window shades for doors should diffuse the incoming light for a gentle glow. Customize the experience of your entryway, and enjoy the ambiance.


A Custom Experience

vertical shades window shades for doorsNot all entryways are made equal. Some need to maximize the light entering your home. Others might feature sidelights and small windows that need light control, energy efficiency and privacy. Some entryway doors lead to your outdoor space–vital to enjoying fresh air, but also bringing their host of issues. The answer? Custom window shades for doors can bring the right amount of light control, privacy, energy efficiency and function. How about vertical or horizontal orientation? It’s all part of the custom experience. Your window shades for doors should match your lifestyle.


Powerful Control

entryway light control window shades for doorsWhat do you do when it’s your entryway, and not necessarily your doors that are leading to the same common problems? Those large windows, high up in your foyer, that you can’t reach–what options do you have? Window shades for doors can also coordinate the look of your entire entryway, including hard-to-reach windows. And operation? That’s easy with the powerful control you get with motorized blinds and shades. PowerView motorization is putting control of every window issue into the palm of your hand. Your entryway can boast perfect light control and privacy, along with style and comfort no matter the time of day.


Window Shades for Doors: The Perfect Impression, Every Time.

Want to make a gorgeous statement in your entryway that everyone sees–including you? With the right window shades for doors, you’ll create that beautiful style while solving those common issues. Want to take a look? All of the locations of Metropolitan Window Fashions are exclusive Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealers. You’ll see displays and try out some of the advanced features on the market. Interested in shopping at home? We’ll come to you with ideas and inspiration. Our free, in-home consultation will help you decide which window shades for doors are right for you. Contact our team today.


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