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The number one source of heat loss in your home (or heat gain in the summer) is your windows. Look at this infrared photograph showing the outside of a home. See where the red color represents heat in a home. That heat is escaping through your windows.

It does not matter what type of windows you have…even the most high tech windows being sold on the market are still glass, as compared to an insulated wall. Luckily, any window can be AND SHOULD BE insulated. The best way to do this is with energy saving window fashions.

The US Department of Energy claims that you can save 15% on your energy bill with properly insulated windows. We sell many types of window fashions that will increase your energy savings and help the environment by burning less fossil fuel.

Energy Saving Window Fashions – A Story in Three Layers

We wear sunscreen and clothing to protect us from the sun and elements. We layer ourselves for protection. Custom window fashions come in layers, too. The first layer we recommend is Window Film or the Protection Layer. This product reduces 99% of the sun's harmful UV Rays and reduces solar heat gain in your home up to 61%.

The second layer we recommend is the Privacy Layer. The name for this layer is given because we think of the functionality of these products – shades and blinds – traditionally as ways to give us privacy from our neighbors. While this is true, they also can have great energy saving benefits. While all shades and blinds offer some energy savings, cellular shades and shutters offer superior benefits.

We measure these products by R-Value or Resistance to Heat Loss. While an aluminum or wood blind may have an R-Value of 1.0; double-cell shades and shutters can have R-Values from 4.0 to 7.0.

Interlined draperies, board-mounted
valance & cellular shades.
The final layer for energy savings is the Design Layer. Beautiful custom draperies and top treatments can be the key design element of any room, while at the same time being functional. Draperies with lining and interlining along with a board mounted top treatment, can completely insulate a window.

Any of these three layers – Protection, Privacy or Design – can independently insulate your windows against the elements. However, combining any two or even three layers will only enhance your energy savings and keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Schedule a FREE in-home decorating consultation to discuss energy saving window fashions for your home or office.

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