What Privacy Shades and Blinds Can Do for You

privacy shades and blinds

What Privacy Shades and Blinds Can Do for You

What’s your privacy preference? Do you like some rooms in your home to be open to the outside world, while others are completely closed off? Do you want privacy all throughout the day, or just at certain times? Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to privacy in the home, and much of that preference can depend on the location of your home–or more importantly, the location of your neighbors. Another privacy factor is the location and size of the windows in the home. Privacy shades can meet your needs, no matter your preference, and there are some innovative features with window shades that can function in ways where you can “have it all” in regard to privacy, natural light, energy efficiency and convenience. Whether your home has bare windows or window coverings that just aren’t doing the job, you need solutions that let you and your family live in comfort. Take a look at one of our most recent before and afters. You won’t believe what the right shades can do.

Have It All With Top Down Bottom Up.

top down bottom up privacy shadesIf you haven’t experienced the innovation of top down bottom up, you’re missing out on a huge lifestyle upgrade. This is known as one of the top “have it all” features. Top down bottom up lets you place shading exactly where you need it, while it also allows you to let in natural light right at the ceiling. It’s called daylighting, but it’s a huge win for privacy. You no longer need to feel like you live in a cave, sacrificing all natural light for much-needed privacy shades. And why do we call it a “have it all” feature? You can keep the majority of your windows covered, boosting energy efficiency, controlled lighting, UV protection, reduction in glare–but you still enjoy sky views, levels of natural lighting and as much privacy as you prefer.

Choose Your Opacity.

levels of opacity privacy shadesThe right window coverings add tremendous design and style in your home. If you’re like most people, you want a consistent, coordinated look. That’s where the right opacities come into play. You can have the exact same selections throughout your home, but choose the level of opacities based on location of your windows or the type of room. Many people like the idea of privacy shades for the bedrooms, but may like more view-through when it comes to family areas, like the kitchen or living room. Style your home with the shades of your choice, and then pick the opacity to suit the function of individual spaces.

Control Your Privacy.

sheer privacy shadesWhen it comes to privacy shades, the control should be yours. Do you know that there are privacy shades that let you have levels of opacity in the same shade? Sheer shadings adjust along a range, with vanes that rotate and adjust to create the comfort you need, based on circumstance. Sheer fabrics allow you a gorgeous view when you want it, diffusing daytime glare, but then close out the outside world when you want privacy. To add to the benefits of sheer shades, PowerView motorization will transform your space with convenience, light control and privacy features that will meet your every need. Open, close, adjust and save your favorite settings to instantly create the perfect atmosphere. Or schedule your adjustments based on your needs throughout the day with the PowerView App, and you won’t have to think about it again! Connect your motorized shades with your home integration system, and watch as the symphony of automation occurs round the clock.

Do You Need Privacy Shades and Blinds?

Do you love the idea of top down bottom up shades, levels of opacity, shades with multiple settings, motorization? Let natural light in, enjoy all the benefits. And most importantly, finally achieve the comfortable privacy you’ve been looking for. Our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions wants to help. We can come out for a visit, bringing ideas and inspiration to fit your home. We’ll listen to you, the styles you love, the ways you use specific rooms in your home–all in an effort to help create the perfect atmosphere in each room. Contact us for your free, shop-at-home experience today!

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