What Are the Best Shades for Windows That Face East? West?

Best Shades for Windows that face any direction

What Are the Best Shades for Windows That Face East? West?

Your home is full of its own unique characteristics–the little idiosyncrasies may be what you love most. But what if some of the attributes of your home are wreaking havoc in your life?  Your windows play a big part in your comfort level at home. The direction your windows face set the atmosphere in every room. If you don’t have the right window shades, you’re probably a victim of drafts, heat, and intense sun…but, you don’t have to be! Understanding the location of your windows and what they need will create comfort and convenience in your home and your life. Here’s what to consider when choosing the best shades for windows that face east, west, north or south.


Best Shades for Windows that face any directionYou love starting the morning with beautiful light flowing into your home. As it illuminates your day, you radiate energy and productivity. Plus, there’s nothing like the feeling of those warm rays shining in to take the chill off after a long, winter night. Then, ten o’clock rolls around, and you’re dying! While you might enjoy some time in the sauna at the spa, it’s not what you want in your living room or office! Perspiring, frustrated, and drained, you search for a place to escape. When you’re considering the best shades for windows that face east, you want energy-efficient shades that filter the sun’s rays. This way you can enjoy the beauty and benefits of natural light, but eliminate blinding glare and intense heat. Also, PowerView motorization is a feature that you won’t want to refuse. With its latest innovation, the PowerView App uses GPS data to determine sunrise times in your area so you can schedule your shades to move automatically based on when the sun will rise. Everyday, you can wake up and go about your morning in the perfect atmosphere without having to do anything!


Best Shades for Windows that face any directionAs the day draws to a close, you look forward to a quiet evening at home or a lively night of entertaining. Your floor-to-ceiling windows show off the stunning sight of sunset colors and landscape–the perfect backdrop for whatever you have planned. While the view is grand, the atmosphere is probably not. In the winter, you deal with cold drafts as storms flow in from the west, and, in the summer, unyielding sun has been heating up the place since noon. Not only that, but harsh glare might make you want to watch TV on your phone, hide in your closet or pass out sunglasses at the door when your party guests arrive. The best shades for windows that face west knock out all of these problems. They should offer energy-efficiency to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home–no matter the weather outside. Shades with directional vanes and filtered sheers will maximize your view and minimize that horrible glare. For large-scale windows, selecting top-down bottom-up operation makes balancing light and view preferences simple, and so does PowerView motorization. On top of automatically adjusting your shades according to the ever-changing sunset time in your area, PowerView features the Pebble remote and PowerView App for operating hard to reach windows easily.

North and South

Best Shades for Windows that face any directionRooms with north- and south-facing windows might be the ones you run to in your quest to elude the discomforts of spaces with east- and west-facing windows. While free of the issues associated with direct sunlight, these windows are not immune to problems. They can make you feel like you’re living in a cave and are often tormented by wind and weather. When selecting the best shades for windows that face north and south, look for shades with vanes that can be easily adjusted to pull in natural light. This will give you the best possible daylighting and bring you out of the cave. Ensure that they have insulating properties, too. You’ll be thankful for that layer of protection against the cold and heat that comes in from just outside your windows. Your gratitude will only increase if you choose PowerView motorization. If you travel often or spend a lot of time away from home, you’ll love being able to operate your shades from anywhere in the world with the PowerView App. The ability to schedule your shades to create the optimal atmosphere in your unique spaces automatically throughout the day is just icing on the cake.

Make the most of your windows–whatever direction they face. Control light, manage temperature, and add convenience to transform and enhance your home as well as your life. With so many great options from Hunter Douglas, finding the best shades for windows that face east, west, north, or south can be tricky. That’s why we’re here! We’d love to guide you through our selection of shades and help you find the ones that are right for your home’s unique window locations and needs. So, contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation.

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