Simple Automation…Made Simple

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Simple Automation…Made Simple

When it comes to your daily schedule, we understand. You’re busy. Have you ever wondered how to simplify your life? We have the solution: Simple Automation. It’s as easy as it sounds–even if you aren’t as tech-savvy as others–there’s no need to worry. We’ll show you how to use the newest innovations in home automation to make your everyday routine a breeze. You can personalize your simple automation to ensure it fits every part of your schedule. If you’re looking for ways to simplify your life, we’ve got some ideas. These easy changes will rejuvenate your everyday routine. Take a look.


Change the Start of Your Day

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If you’re like most people, you probably wake up to the sound of your alarm. But, with simple automation, your mornings can be comfortable and personalized. How great would it be to wake up to natural light? Perhaps you love watching the morning sunrise. With the PowerView app, you can create a schedule of your favorite settings. Program your blinds to open at the time of sunrise, and watch as your room fills with a natural glow. Do you want to keep your space as dark as possible, giving you a chance to enjoy those last few minutes in bed? Set your schedule so it keeps your room-darkening shades down and the sun out. Do you try to get an early start to your Saturday morning, but every once in awhile decide to stay cozy in bed for a bit? No problem. Reach over to your pebble remote, smartphone or Apple Watch to close your blinds with a simple touch. Or, use voice activated control, like with the Amazon Echo. It’s the start of your day; let simple automation make it comfortable.


Have Peace of Mind Away From Home

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Sometimes is seems like half the struggle of starting your day is getting out of the house. Whether you’re getting the kids up and leaving for school, heading to the gym, or on your way out the door to the office (maybe all three), simple automation can make this hectic process of your day a bit easier. It’s easy to forget the little details, like locking all the doors and grabbing your keys. Technology isn’t at the point where it can do everything for you, but simple automation can certainly help. Did you forget where you left your phone? Use your Apple Watch to “ping” your iPhone. Are you worried about the sun heating up your house while you’re gone for the day, but don’t have time to manually adjust all of your window coverings? PowerView can fix that! Create a scene for “Sunny Days” and watch as your blinds automatically adjust. Worried about the privacy of your home while you’re at work? Make a “Weekday” scene–your blinds will close, leaving your home secure, private, and comfortable. Simple automation can do a lot for your busy life.


Prepare to Relax

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By the end of the day, you’re exhausted. All you want to do is relax in a comfortable space. Well, simple automation can create that relaxing environment before you even walk in the door. Do you have an incredible view? Set your dining room shades to open around dinner time and enjoy the sunset. Is it the perfect night for a movie, popcorn, and curling up on the couch? Create a “Movie Night” scene with PowerView so you can adjust your shades within seconds. Do you like to head straight to bed after a long day at work? Your blinds will be shut by the time you get home. Simple automation can improve your everyday lifestyle by helping to create the environment you want. It’s your home; you deserve comfort and control.


Get the Space You Deserve with Simple Automation

You have a busy schedule, and it’s hard to find ways to relax. Let simple automation help you. Create and save settings that work with your lifestyle. Choose your favorite way to control your environment. Do you like voice control? Consider Amazon’s Echo or Google Home. Do you like to see your scene options? Use the app on your phone, or an Apple Watch. Our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions is ready to help you get started. Contact us today…let’s rejuvenate your life.



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