Not Sure What To Do With A Small Window? Here Are 4 Great Ideas

Not Sure What To Do With A Small Window? Here Are 4 Great Ideas

Windows come in many shapes and sizes, from running nearly the entire length of a wall to providing smaller views of the outdoors. Homeowners may find themselves with windows so small they don't know how best to decorate them or what shades or blinds to use. Tiny windows can be cute to look at, but what can a homeowner do with such a small space? 

But these windows are just as customizable as larger ones, and can still lend themselves to custom decorative treatments. By using the following tips, homeowners can turn a window that seems too small to work with into a delightful and distinctive spot that makes a room pop more:

Tiny windows can be cute to look at, but what can a homeowner do with such a small space?

  • Favor a plain look: Because there isn't a lot of room, smaller windows could be a good match for a window film because they are simple and easy to install. Sized to the window's exact specifications, this film can provide protection from the sun and be customized to accommodate its surrounding space. Part of the attraction of these features is the way they can darken on command and make room temperature control easier, while also keeping the glass clear for homeowners and their guests to look through. However, this doesn't mean that you can't also use custom window blinds or shades for a smaller window if you so desire.
  • Harness natural light while keeping privacy: Some window treatments are specially designed to allow privacy while still letting a proper amount of light into the room. Even a small window could still need to be covered for total security, so homeowners should consider window options that are good for configuring in different arrangements. Since small windows often appear in bathrooms, shades that can be left in a set position could make for secure additions that offer greater peace of mind.
  • Put top treatments on the window: Just because the window is small doesn't mean you can't still work with the space around it. Top treatments will add color and a pleasing style to the opening without taking up too much extra space. They also won't obstruct the already small window space or keep anyone in the house from enjoying the view.
  • Use screen shades to account for glare: The sun shining through a particularly small window could lead to an irritating amount of glare if there is nothing there to cover it. Using screen shades, homeowners can reduce the glare by diffusing it while leaving the view still unobstructed. With a window this small, homeowners should feel completely satisfied with it, and the right custom window covering makes this relatively easy to accomplish.

​Metropolitan Window Fashions can help you find a window solution that fits the surroundings and best matches your home's design scheme. Contact us today to set up your free at-home consultation with our design specialists.

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