Indoor & Outdoor Fabrics: The Wanderlust Collection

indoor outdoor fabrics Robert Allen

Indoor & Outdoor Fabrics: The Wanderlust Collection

Robert Allen has introduced new colorways in this year’s fabrics, and we’re excited about the possibilities. Sunbrella, available for use as both indoor and outdoor fabrics, comes to us in the Wanderlust Collection. Like so many trending designs today, these fabrics have been inspired from textiles around the world. Globally chic and inspired by both history and culture, the colors, patterns and textures of this indoor and outdoor fabrics collection will bring something unique and unexpected to your space.

“Our design team constantly reinvents color in fresh, creative ways…”

~ Robert Nachman, Vice President of Marketing, Robert Allen Design


Rich Blues

blue outdoor fabrics

Tessa Stitch | Batik Blue

Blue. It’s classic, timeless. Blue is a color we’ve come to love in the design world with the ability to transform the space from light and airy, to luxurious mystery. Batik Blue, Turquoise, Sea, Viridian and Denim are the blue colorways you can choose in this indoor and outdoor fabrics collection. Much like the crystal clear waters of a tranquil sea, or the dreamy darkness of the night sky, shades of blue fabric have a way of creating the perfect atmosphere to surround you.


Contemporary Grays

gray outdoor fabrics

No Boundaries | Cement

The world of design is brimming over with gorgeous neutrals. This collection of indoor and outdoor fabrics is no different. They’ve taken the striking sharpness of gray and brought out its soothing calm. With both colorways, Cement and Zinc, your outdoor fabrics will fall in line with the chic look of your home’s interior design. Styled with quiet textures and geometric designs, you’ll have an easy time choosing favorites.


Classic Beige

beige outdoor fabrics

Tectonic | Toast

Inspired by the patterns and textures of artisanal textiles from around the world, this collection of indoor and outdoor fabrics offer subtle intrigue. With the ability to bring on-trend designs through the tradition of this beige color scheme, you can style your space exactly the way you want. Encompassing the cozy feeling of coastal chic decor, the neutral fabrics in this collection will win you over with names like Driftwood and Toast.


Loving These Indoor & Outdoor Fabrics?

Gone are the days where you only had a limited selection of high-performance fabrics. With the Wanderlust Collection, the skies the limit! Style your home, sunroom or patio area with on-trend fabrics in a range of today’s most popular shades. Need expert advice? Want to see the fabrics in person? Come visit us, at Metropolitan Window Fashions. Our designers will be happy to help get you started with this collection of indoor and outdoor fabrics from Robert Allen Design. Contact our team to get started today!


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