The World of Home Automation…Is It for You?

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The World of Home Automation…Is It for You?

Back in 2012, Billy Crystal (and a host of other well-loved celebrities) starred in Parental Guidance. This movie depicted three generations of a family that were facing a world of technology at their fingertips–the hilarious contrasts between them is what made this movie completely relatable to the audience. What wasn’t relatable was the home automation, ahem…the ‘smart’ lifestyle these people were living. In 2012, so many of us were embracing smartphones, apps and just what was starting to trend on a new site called Pinterest. Whole home automation? A life dictated by technology? It seemed way too Jetson-like for normal life. Fast forward to 2016. Do you know what is growing faster than ever? Home automation. That’s right…exactly what we thought was way too ‘movie-like’ for real life is happening in homes all around us. Do you have this life-changing technology? Do you have components of a smart lifestyle? Do you have any idea what is possible? Take a look at the future of today!

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Home Automation…What Do You Mean?

If you’re like most of us, ‘smart’ devices are part of your life…you have an iPhone or tablet, you know what an ‘app’ is, and you have some favorites. But what about for your home? Have you updated your thermostat to wireless control? Can you control the music playing in your home with a bluetooth speaker? How about controlling the lighting from the palm of your hand? These are all aspects of the home automation lifestyle, but like most of these, they can add to the ease and convenience of your life even without home automation. If you love the way these products have enhanced your life, read on…

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Home Automation…What’s Possible?

This year, more and more people are hopping on the home automation bandwagon. Why? Many devices you’ll buy (like and updated thermostat) are enticing you with the possibilities. Having a dinner party–want to adjust your household temperature? You can do it with the device that’s in your pocket, without leaving your guests. How about motorized blinds and shades? What’s more comfort-inducing than being able to adjust shadings from the palm of your hand? It happens in an instant, and it’s priceless convenience. These features are also an incredible way to save money. When you can set schedules, save your favorite settings and adjust your home even when you’re not home–there’s just nothing like it. But actual home automation takes things a step further.

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Home Automation…Just Get Started.

On such a popular topic this year, posted an article called, “How to Build Your Smart Home: A Beginner’s Guide.” This article details what’s been done, the current status of devices and how to get started. They make reference to the “hub,” the centralized control of various home automation devices, ones that connect together for an amazing experience. Hunter Douglas is proud to announce partnerships with some of the major home integration systems that are referred to in this article, like The Nest and Logitech’s Harmony. Your motorized blinds and shades can be added into home integration for a flawless performance, with the benefits of energy efficiency, privacy, convenience and light control.


At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we are ready to help you get started on your way to home automation. Our motorized blinds and shades can be connected and integrated, giving you exceptional ease and convenience throughout your home. It’s the perfect atmosphere, every time. Contact our design team to set up a free, in-home consultation today!

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