Get funky with your home design

Get funky with your home design

You've heard the term "funk" applied to music, but have you ever considered bringing funky features to the inside of your home? Homeowners, like contributing writer Fred Albert, often feel like certain rooms in their home are just missing something.

"At first I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I'd purchased new furniture and new window treatments, and hung my art. But still the place didn't feel inviting. Then it occurred to me: My home didn't have any funk," Albert wrote on the home design site.

So what exactly do we mean by funk? Funk is what takes a room from drab to fab and can be accomplished in many ways:

  • Get rustic: Designers are moving away from pristine furniture in favor of pieces with an edge. Rustic finishes are making a big comeback in the home sector, separating the mundane from the truly funky. The great thing about this finish is that it is affordable and can be achieved with DIY crafts. 
  • Shop at antique stores: Nobody wants their home to look exactly like the catalogue. After all, your home or apartment is reflection of your individuality. Hit up antique shops or thrift stores to find one-of-a-kind items that symbolize your personality, ranging from vases to pictures frames or mirrors.
  • Use color: Often, rooms lack funk because they are too monotone. Try introducing bright colors or metallic hues in your design scheme.

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