Freshen Up Your Entryway Decor

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Freshen Up Your Entryway Decor

It’s the first thing you see when you get home, as well as the first impression your home makes when guests visit. You may not spend a whole lot of time here, but your entryway is very important to the overall atmosphere of your home. Does your entryway decor need some freshening up? How about organization? Take a look at a few of our ideas for creating a gorgeous, welcoming entryway–styled by you.

Focus on the Light

The first thing to consider when redoing your entryway decor is light. Lighting has a big influence on the overall atmosphere of a space. Natural light is great for creating an uplifting environment, but it is possible to go overboard on sunshine! Not only will too much sun create an unbearable environment, but it can also cause damage to your decor. Finding the perfect window treatments will fix issues caused by overbearing light, or not enough light, by controlling the amount of sun that enters, as well as the direction. Are there no windows in your entryway? Use artificial lighting instead, paying attention to the undertones. Some artificial lights bring out blues, while others shine yellow. It’s up to you to decide which hues fit your home best!

Expand Your Space

Many times, the entryway can seem smaller than you’d want it to be. Want to know a quick trick to enlarging the space? Don’t worry, you won’t have to remodel your home! Adding mirrors to your entryway decor is a great way to make your space look bigger, especially if you have a narrow entry. Mirrors can also help with lighting. By reflecting the natural light that enters through your windows, the mirrors will brighten up your entryway. They add a touch of style, and also bring function…who doesn’t want one last look before they’re out the door?


Delicate Details

Designing your entryway decor can be a fun project, but a big one nonetheless! We understand that you may not know where to begin with your design, which is why you need to start with you. Figure out what design pieces appeal to you most, what colors you’ve been loving lately, or something new you’ve been wanting to try. Incorporating decor that speaks to you will make all the difference. Let your home show off your personality as soon as you, or your guests, step in the door. Do you have knick knacks from a recent trip you’d like to show off? Set them in your entryway. Want to create a natural look? Decorate with florals and greenery. Try something new, and your entryway will be transformed!


Style + Function

If you’re re-doing your entryway decor, focusing on style is great, but don’t forget about function. Consider what your entryway is used for, and then plan the storage you’ll need to accommodate. Entryway storage spaces are trendy in the design world, with unlimited option for an ‘everything in its place’ look. Add accent pieces to make it cozy, and assign spaces for family members to keep things organized. Baskets, crates and drawers can be an instant drop zone for shoes, keys, umbrellas–basically, anything that doesn’t need to come into the rest of your home.Walking into an organized home will bring a sense of relief and welcome.


Entryway Decor: What Does Your Home Need?

Depending on your design goals, we can help with your entryway decor. Are you looking to create a warm, welcoming design? What about a stylish and trendy look? Do you need more organization? Let your entryway set you up for success. We’d love to help you design! Contact our team at Metropolitan Window Fashions today!

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