Energy Efficiency: The Latest Innovations

energy efficiency for your home

Energy Efficiency: The Latest Innovations

There’s a chill in the air…is your home outfitted with energy efficiency? In what’s become somewhat of a ‘buzz phrase’ the importance of energy efficiency grows greater each day. With winter well on its way, you’ve probably thought about what improvements your home needs. But who can keep up with what will work today, tomorrow and around the year? In this area, we are lucky to experience all four seasons–or at least, that’s what I tell myself. But what about the incredible range of temperatures we see, or the weather changes we’ll face from one day to the next? Let us help with this handy guide about the latest innovations in energy efficiency that will help you create the perfect environment within your home, no matter the season.

Home Automation

Hunter Douglas energy efficiency motorizationYou’ve heard the expression, “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” The latest innovations in technology have stepped up to provide energy efficiency throughout your home. Using a home integration system, like The Nest or Logitech’s Harmony, you can achieve greater savings. Savings that have the potential to result in cost reduction, pleasant atmosphere and longer lasting appliances. Hunter Douglas has teamed up with many of the major home integration systems to offer you an amazing experience in energy efficiency. Motorized blinds and shades play a huge role in the temperature control of your home. With the latest innovations in automation, like PowerView Motorization, you can control your shades with the touch of a button, from anywhere in the world. Not only that, but you can save and schedule your favorite settings for each and every window within your home!

Advanced Lighting

Better Lighting energy efficiencyOne of the innovations in energy efficiency is the reduced consumption of energy from new, more advanced light bulbs. This might not be news to you, but we can agree that better light control is powerful. What about reducing your light usage, no matter the time of year? It’s called Daylighting, and it’s an incredible way to change the presence of light within your home. Instead of closing your home off like a cave, it’s time to innovate your window shades! Need window insulation? Top down shades bring light in across the ceiling, using the natural light that normally would be closed out, while most of your window is covered by innovative cellular shades. Want extra privacy? Sheer shadings bring in light, while the reflective sheers keep prying eyes out. Take a look at one of our recent articles about Maximizing the Light in your home.

Window Insulation

energy efficiency for your homeWindows are a necessity in the home, but they can wreak havoc on your attempts to improve energy efficiency. While the latest innovations are creating better windows, at Metropolitan Window Fashions, we are helping our clients create a beautiful, more comfortable atmosphere. We want your existing windows to work for you. You probably love the gorgeous view, the open air, the amazing light. But with those benefits of your windows, you also get some common household issues. You need window solutions from the experts! With large windows, the light is too much. We have solutions to let you enjoy the view while taming the light. Wondering what to do with sliding glass doors and french doors? These high traffic areas can be a vital part of enjoying the outdoors. We have solutions to add to the incredible function without letting them become bothersome. Don’t worry about buying new windows unless you’re building a new home! We can bring gorgeous design and impeccable function to you!

Energy Efficiency: Let Us Help!

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we can help bring some of the latest innovations in energy efficiency to your home. Don’t go another winter feeling that draft. We’ll come to your home to help guide you with options and fabrics that are just right. We can help you handle common window issues with beautiful shades, blinds, drapery panels and shutters. Want to shop with us? Come visit any one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries to see for yourself. And then, contact our team for a free, in-home consultation.

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