The 4 Design Elements of Style Icon Iris Apfel

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The 4 Design Elements of Style Icon Iris Apfel

Rising to fame at 84 years young, style icon Iris Apfel was the focus of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It’s been over a decade, and she’s still going strong. This woman wakes each morning, ready to take on the day, simply drenched in her own personal style. And, we couldn’t love her more! The confidence she wears is remarkable–someone we all strive to be. From clothing and accessories to decor, accents and her way of life, there’s a lot we can learn from her stylish presence. Want the zest for life and unique style of Iris? Get inspired by these four design elements…


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Source: Architectural Digest

If we could use one word to describe her, personality would be it. She wears it. You feel it in her presence. And, after 95 years of a life well-lived and well-loved, she makes no apologies. If there’s anything you can do with the design elements of your home, be true to who you are. Create a space that speaks to you, what you love and what makes you unique.



At one glance, you can see that style icon Iris Apfel has stories to tell. Whether you consider her wardrobe throughout the ages, or view photos of her Manhattan apartment, the history and richness of her life are apparent. What better way to give tribute to your own life than use your story to decorate it? Apfel traveled the world with her late husband Carl, and the memories they collected along the way tell of adventure and culture.



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Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Vibrant and charming, style icon Iris Apfel is full of color. Her wardrobe and her world are nothing short of a palette of design. If you want to achieve the ultimate design in your home, choose colors that you love. You can turn conventional thinking on its head. It’s in the eye of the beholder–if you love the way certain colors go together, make it your own.



style icon iris apfel layered designWe’re not sure, but if someone told us style icon Iris Apfel invented layering as a design trend, we’d believe them! The confident air that surrounds her is partly due to the evidence that she absolutely loves her life. How do we know that? She layers herself in the unique designs that have created her style for decades. In her home, she fills each and every space–a style, often referred to as Maximalism–with memories, accents and decor that define her.


Style Icon Iris Apfel…Create Your Own Look

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