Design awards make use of light

Design awards make use of light

According to New Zealand news source, the use of light was a popular trend in this year's Best Design Awards, a competition that showcases the best of the best in graphic, spatial, product and interactive design.

"Light has an overwhelming ability to change the way you feel and the qualities of your surroundings. By changing the lighting it is very easy to completely change a space," Shjaan Versey, gold pin winner of the awards, told the news source. 

Versey was challenged to make a lighting fixture for an office building, using modern techniques to create a practical and innovative design. She used polyester drawing film and utilitarian bulldog clips to accomplish this goal in her creation, titled 'Undulatus,' which received praise from judges. 

Some other innovative ways contestants made use of light include bare and see-through light bulbs with visible wire coils. The modern take on this trend is to use the bulb as a key feature in your design aesthetic and limit the lamp shade from the overall design scheme. For instance, designer David Trubridge created a one-of-a-kind modern chandelier that projects patterns on your wall, therefore taking away the need for traditional wallpaper. Other contestants, like Tim Webber, played up the use of practicality in their creations by designing objects such as symmetric switch floor lamps.

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