Contemporary Style with Metallic Decor

metallic decor window blinds

Contemporary Style with Metallic Decor

Metals are topping the style lists these days, as both runways and interior design showrooms are offering up the most unique looks using metallic decor. Mixed metals in a variety of finishes are bringing a dynamic look to homes. Whether you enjoy the contemporary glow of shining metals, or the darker finishes that lead to an industrial look, there is something for everyone. Create your own individual look by adding wood, glass or fabrics in combination with your metallic decor. From the walls to the windows, and from the floor to the ceiling, we have ideas for you to find your favorite accents. Visit one of the Metropolitan Window Fashions showrooms, and our design consultants will help you discover the styles and pieces that will make your home shine with design elements you love.

Boast Industrial Design with Metallic Decor

metallic decor window blindsThe industrial look is such a popular style in decorating homes, from small accents to larger pieces of artwork and furniture. Mixed with wood, metallic decor can feature any finish–often a variety–to create the perfect look for your home. We love what they have done in this contemporary kitchen with two different types of metals being used for seating. The light fixture adds to the industrial design, while the canisters contrast with a brightness that lightens the space. Extending into the dining room, the frames of the artwork offer the similar metallic decor of the window blinds in the kitchen for complementary styling. The kitchen is a natural space to bring in metallic decor, as appliances can blend with this look easily.

Small Accents Add Dynamic Style

metallic decor window blindsMetallic decor can bring big style to your space, even in small amounts. Adding just a glimmer, the lamp featured in this living room brings a contemporary feel to the room. Turning a seemingly traditional coffee table into a modern marvel, the metal legs make this piece simple, yet stylish. Aluminum window blinds offer view-through while maintaining privacy. The modern precious metals window blinds in this picture bring lifestyle function with metallic decor to finish the look of this living room. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, our Hunter Douglas products will bring a contemporary look to your home with metallic finishes and metal materials that not only add style, but substantial function to your life.

Metallic Walls Mix with Beautiful Fabrics

Wallpaper and paint can add a beautiful backdrop for your home that brings in the essence of metallic decor to mix well with other design elements. Like in this bedroom, the fabrics liven the space while the wallpaper adds a quiet elegance. The mirror side table offers another layer of metallic decor for contemporary styling. The entire space comes together for an incredibly unique look. The design consultants at Metropolitan Window Fashions can help you find decor that will offer an elegant feel while still creating a contemporary space. This month, we have special offers on fabrics that can help you add upholstery and accents to your home for the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Do you want to add the unique look of metallic decor to your home? We have ideas and inspiration waiting for you in our showrooms. Whether you are considering paint or wallpaper, window blinds, shades or window treatments, or accents of fabrics and upholstery, we can help. Our design consultants can come right to you with samples and advice to help you create the look you’ve always wanted. Contact us today for a free, in-home consultation.

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