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Community Service - Tanzania

Sent to the Courier News 12/04/2004

Dear Courier News:

In September, the Courier News featured a front page story about a sewing camp for teens at Fabricland on Rt. 22 in North Plainfield.  The camp was another example of Fabrcland's ability to anticipate trends such as the increasing desire for quality home furnishings and the interest of teens in learning to sew.

But this family owned business still has a deep-rooted compassion as well as business savvy.  I collect used electric and treadle sewing maxhines for donation to Appalachia and developing countries where people, usually women, use them to start small businesses. When I approached Fabricland for a donation, they responded generously.

When I went to the store to "spend" the gift certificate they set aside for me, I saw the folder containing all the requests they had received besides mine.  I was amazed to see a folder about 2 inches thick with letters.

With my gift certificate, I bought a pair of professional sewing shears, which is perfect for the tailoring program at a vocational school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.  Since employment in that country is only eight percent, students must develop trade skills. Fabricland's generosity makes a crucial difference.  In late August, a shipping container that included 11 sewing machines (donated by central Jerseyans) and other supplies collected by Rutgers University students, arrived in Tanzania for use at the school.

Readers who have clothing fabric, sewing or tailoring supplies, working electric or treddle sewing machines to donate can email me at{@}  Fabricland can be a model for us all.

Sincerly, Claire S. Liptak.

270 US-22 West
Greenbrook, NJ 08812

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