Child Safe Blinds: Solutions for Safety

child safe blinds and shades

Child Safe Blinds: Solutions for Safety

“Why is it that when one man builds a wall, the next man immediately needs to know what’s on the other side?” ~George R.R. Martin

This has never been more true than if you’re talking about children. They’re naturally curious, to a fault, aren’t they? Do you have children living in, or visiting, your home? They get into everything, especially our hearts. That’s why there’s constant worry about their safety. Childproofing can be a tedious task, and many people don’t consider child safe blinds when getting prepared. But, they can be a terrible safety hazard–dangling cords are both tempting and dangerous for small children. Because October is child safety awareness month, Metropolitan Window Fashions is making it a priority to help our clients understand the features of child safe blinds and shades. There are multiple options for making your home safer with child safe blinds. Let us help you find the best choice for your home.

Add Power, Subtract Concerns

Window coverings become unsafe for children when they have dangling cords. Kids are curious, and they can make a toy out of almost anything–including window coverings! Child safe blinds will remove this worry from your life and keep your child away from harm. Since children are adventurous and find a way to reach high places, it’s not enough to hide the cord, which is why PowerView motorization is an excellent option for child safe blinds and shades. Cordless and chic, they allow complete control. You can even create, save and schedule your favorite settings. PowerView motorization will leave you worry-free while your child plays safely in your home.

motorized child safe blinds and shades

No Cords, No Problems

A lasso for the cat, a climbing rope for an action figure, something to grab when jumping off the couch…you probably don’t realize how unsafe window coverings can be unless you’ve witnessed it. Children should be able to explore in a safe environment, which is why cordless is the way to go. Hunter Douglas cares immensely about safety in the home, which is why they have created multiple options for child safe blinds and shades. The LiteRise operating system is a simple solution. Adjusted up, down and anywhere in between, using the bottom rail, there’s no dangling cords. Your child can easily open and close them–safely. Without cords to get tangled in, or tempt with creative play, you increase safety and peace of mind.

control cords child safe blinds and shades

Control Cords Safely

These options may sound great to you, but you know that they might not work for all of your windows. We understand that every home is different, and sometimes the layout of your windows just won’t allow for cordless blinds. This doesn’t mean that child safe blinds and shades are not an option! As we stated before, the cord is a huge danger to your child, which is why we offer blinds that prevent the cord from being harmful. The UltraGlide system offers a retractable cord, which is short and automatically retracts after adjustment, leaving the cord short and out of your child’s reach. Another option is to stabilize the cord with a cord wand, no dangles or tangles. We also offer the continuous cord loop that can be secured tightly against the window frame, allowing you to activate your window coverings without danger to the smallest members of your household. If it’s safety you want, we can help!  

Safety in Your Home: Child Safe Blinds

Your home is a place of comfort and safety, and when it comes to your children, you want the safest environment. Metropolitan Window Fashions wants to help you create a safe place for your child to explore and grow. Child safe blinds and shades will give you peace of mind. Visit one of our exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries for more information. Or, one of our team members at Metropolitan Window Fashions can come to you for a free in-home consultation. We’ll take a look and help you figure out the best options for your home. Contact us today to find a system that works best for your home and the safety of your children.


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