From Chic to Unique: Bohemian Design Trends

Bohemian Design Trends

From Chic to Unique: Bohemian Design Trends

We live in a world full of distractions. It’s both stressful and fast-paced. There’s no better time to embrace bohemian design trends to bring instant serenity, enjoyment and an all around unique look.

Known as offbeat and unconventional, the term “bohemian” was originally coined as a way to describe the free-spirited lives of the people of Bohemia. Living simply, with an interest in music and art, they were known to value an uncomplicated existence.

Today, boho-chic style is leading the runways and showrooms of the design world. It seems that everyone wants to capture that lifestyle: One that is carefree and smooth. Are you looking for simplistic ease? Do you want a home that breathes calm, quiet serenity? Take a look at the bohemian design trends that will deliver that statement.

Create a Sanctuary.

Want to spend time in a relaxing environment? Start with your bedroom. Bohemian design trends are on-point when it comes to styling the space where you end the day with calm and start with quiet invigoration. Your bedroom is the perfect place to incorporate an eclectic, boho-chic look. It doesn’t have to be messy–just full of personal effects, as organized or unorganized as you’d like. Select fabrics and textiles in colors that soothe, or with patterns that hint at worldly designs for a unique appearance that speaks to your personality.

Take a Seat.

You can’t change the atmosphere of your home from fast-paced to relaxing without focusing on seating. If you want the perfectly serene environment that bohemian design trends convey, focus on taking a seat. The more, the merrier. This living room features comfortable seating, with plush ottomans, arm chairs and a couch that offers the comfort, style and coordination of accent pillows. This setup also invites intimate conversation in this open floor plan.

Take in the View.

Bohemian Design Trends living room

Do you have a view of the surrounding landscape or cityscape? Can you enjoy it? Whether your home overlooks the buzz of city life, or you can experience nature from the comfort of your couch, it’s time to embrace your view. The right window treatments can customize this part of your home–and your lifestyle. Don’t settle for unyielding glare and uncomfortable temperatures. You can maintain comfort while enjoying a soft glow with window treatments that reveal your breathtaking view–all at the same time.

Invite Interesting Textiles.

Comfort, topped with cozy, is the ultimate way to relax. This goes for any part of your home. Bring in a variety of textiles in different form and function to create layers of style in your space. Callouts to nature with greenery and wooden accents can add a welcoming vibe. Colors and patterns in tribal art are another way to invite hints of bohemian design trends. Subtle statements with loads of charm.

Visit the Outdoors.

The harmony of nature has a great deal to offer when it comes to dialing back the pace of your life. There’s no better way to unplug and enjoy life than sitting outside in beautiful weather with good friends. Choose furniture that captures the essence of nature itself. And, because our area sees such a range of weather, the fabrics you choose should be created with durability in mind. Sunbrella offers on-trend colors and patterns for your outdoor space.


Want Bohemian Design Trends in Your Home?

At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we’d love to help you style your space with bohemian design trends in mind. Let’s work together to bring that simplistic, yet creative, ease to your decor and your lifestyle! Contact our team today to get started with a free, shop-at-home appointment.

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