The Best Window Treatment Options for Limited Space

limited space best window treatment options

The Best Window Treatment Options for Limited Space

You need light and privacy solutions. You know that much. But, as you look around your home, the layout of your windows may confuse you. Does it seem like there’s limited space? It’s more common of a problem than you’d think. Whether you’re dealing with strict window boundaries, obstructions, or windows that are too close together, spatial issues can put a real snag in your decorating plans and in the comfort of your home. Is it possible to add window treatments when the window frame is so close to the wall? And what do you do about large sliding glass doors and adjacent windows? Well, we have some answers that might help. Check out these FAQs about the best window treatment options, and discover our solutions for dealing with the most common strict boundaries.

What do I do when there’s no room outside the window frame?

shutters best window treatment optionsThe short answer: go inside. In fact, we actually prefer to mount window coverings inside the window if possible. It usually provides the cleanest look and most optimal function. When considering the best window treatment options, it’s important to realize that different types of window treatments require different mounting depths. Using the measurements of your windows, our team can help you find and customize a product that will fit perfectly, and they’ll create a mounting plan to ensure you have minimal light gaps and a gorgeous, finished look.

Will an inside or outside mount work best?

Honestly, it depends, and we can help you decide. Much of the answer rests on the spacing around your window and the style you’re going for. Recently, there’s been a surge in exterior finishing effects for outside mounts. So, while the hardware might be able to fit for a solid mount inside, you may choose an outside mount simply because you’ll have more options for finishing the look at the window. Our design team has tools to help you visualize the best window treatment options for your home. You can count on them to guide you through your mounting choices as you figure out how to achieve the ideal look and function for your home.

How do I handle my sliding glass door and adjacent windows?

adjacent windows best window treatment optionsThe key is to match, complement, and coordinate. Hunter Douglas makes that easy. Their products are available in an array of fabrics, textures, and patterns that look beautiful together. Not only that, but a number of their window coverings orient vertically as well as horizontally. This means you can have the function you need along with coordinated design. So, rest assured! You don’t have to sacrifice style if you have limited space between windows. Our professionals can show you the best window treatment options in your unique home for both fashion and function.

What do I do about door handles and window cranks?

The beauty of our products is that they’re custom, and Hunter Douglas understands that obstructions often go hand-in-hand with window and doors. That’s why they make cut-out window treatments. Whether you need bottom, side, center, or headrail cut-outs, we’re sure to have a product that’ll work for you. Designed and sized just for your windows and doors, custom cut-out window coverings provide clearance for door handles, window cranks, architectural elements, and even window air conditioning units. Just because you have obstructions doesn’t mean you have to have bare windows. Talk to one of our consultants today about the best window treatment options to customize what’s standing in the way of getting the light and privacy control you deserve.

Wondering about the best window treatment options for your home?

spatial issues best window treatment optionsLet us help! With our years of experience and in-depth product knowledge, we can tackle any design challenge you face. We’d love to show you products that’ll give you the function as well as the stylish, finished look you want for your home. Stop into one of our showrooms, or let us come visit you, and discover the best window treatment options for your unique windows and doors. Contact us at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation to get started.

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