Announcing…Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016

color of the year 2016

Announcing…Pantone’s Color of the Year 2016

Here it is…the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. Pantone, the color authority that influences fashion and design alike, has spoken. The color of the year 2016 is…TWO colors. That’s right. Two colors are sharing the spotlight for the color of the year 2016. In blissful shades of blue and pink, Serenity and Rose Quartz have been given the highest honors for the coming year, and we can’t wait to see what will transpire.

Two colors that hold such beauty and grace–but couldn’t be more contrasting with one another–somehow blend with harmony that nobody expected. While these two pastel shades have been used in design schemes for years, it’s rare to see them together outside of child-like environments. Maybe that’s part of the allure, part of the charm. Pantone is known for not just going with the flow, but setting the stage for what’s to come. Maybe what the world is longing for right now is the harmony and innocence of childhood–the beauty that comes from such unassuming contrasts, two colors that seem so different can come together with harmony that just works. Do you want to add subtle style into your home with inspiration from the color of the year 2016? Take a look at what these designers did…

A Little Goes a Long Way…

An otherwise neutral, yet contemporary space, the pieces that stand out take the inspiration of the color of the year 2016 and make their own mark. Of course, the show piece of the room is the pink chandelier, adding contemporary elegance in bold design. The softness of the florals on the dining table add to the eclectic look of the room, an adventurous move that adds color and whimsical fun. The blue stripes featured on the dining chairs add a more serious, straightforward style to the room while not taking from the happiness of the setting. Love this look? We do, too! And we can help you achieve fun designs with sophisticated charm–fabrics for custom upholstery, custom window treatments and accent pillows will usher in contemporary style, while other design elements help you personalize your space.

A Personal Touch Says So Much

Full of style, this grown-up space holds the essence of childhood with personal effects that make such a statement. The shades of blue and pink that were chosen pair perfectly together, bringing in fun and excitement while still adding a contemporary look–mostly due to the modern metallic design elements, such as the side table and mirrors. However contemporary the space may seem, the nostalgia of the personal accents in the room really set it apart. The black and white photo speaks of history, while the small car and child’s fedora add a hint of memories and untold stories. If you’re looking for paint colors to add soft beauty to your home, or gorgeous fabrics that will add incredible style–like the upholstered headboard, or the custom bedding seen here–get in touch with us! We’d love to help turn your design dreams into reality.

Big Contrasts Can Lead to Big Success

The bold colors of this space make an incredible statement of style and design. Taking cues from the color of the year 2016, this space features both shades of blue and pink. And much like the surprising twist of two colors being chosen, the use of both bold hues works like a charm. In this living space, the dark blue of the wall is the perfect backdrop to showcase special accents in the room, like the white faux deer head, or the hot pink chair. Cool and sophisticated, you can tell each piece within this room was hand selected and intentionally placed. The pink and the blue come together–almost colliding with one another–but the results are fabulous.

Are you fascinated with the trend that Pantone has started? Does the color of the year 2016–which just happens to be two colors: Serenity and Rose Quartz–make you feel inspired? The blurred lines of two very different shades coming together in harmony for the perfect look, how could you say no? We are so excited to see what’s to come in both fashion and design for the upcoming year. The design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions would love to help you achieve an amazing look in your home with fabrics for custom upholstery, custom window treatments and many other design elements. Contact us for a free, in-home consultation.

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