7 Signs It’s Time For New Window Shutters

7 Signs It’s Time For New Window Shutters

For a classic look with instant style, interior shutters are a great way to enhance your windows. Whether you already have shutters and are currently redecorating, or are choosing interior shutters for the first time, they will create a stunning look with many benefits for your home.

It might be time to add shutters to a room in your home.It might be time to add shutters to a room in your home.

Metropolitan Window Fashions offers shutters from Hunter Douglas in three different styles: Heritance® Hardwood Shutters, NewStyle® Hardwood Hybrid Shutters and Palm Beach® Polysatin Shutters. They all have their advantages, and if you don't already use shutters in your home, here are some signs that it might be time to invest in them:

  • New light settings: Let's say you've redone a room and it now looks brighter than it did before. Shutters allow you to add some light control to a window to better suit the

    If you don't already use shutters in your home, here are some signs that it might be time to invest in them.

     new look of the space. No matter which type of shutters you choose, they can be adjusted to let in the perfect amount of light based on the coloring and lighting options of the room. The front tilt bar included with the Heritance® shutters makes it particularly easy for homeowners to grab and change the louvers so they can get the right kind of natural light needed. Often, when a window has many panes, shutters with a rear tilt can be used.

  • New paint job: On the same note, when you've given a room a makeover you'll need window shutters that match the renewed style. Heritance® shutters not only vary in color but also texture, as part of the Heritance Handcrafted series. Homeowners can have their shutters glazed, burnished or distressed, among other style options, to get the right feel.
  • You want to cool things down: Does a room feel warmer in the summertime than is comfortable? Hunter Douglas window treatments can double a room's heating and cooling efficiency. Add some shutters to windows in very warm rooms and feel the temperature drop! The Palm Beach® shutters are especially suitable for homes in extremely hot weather.
  • Windows are a different size: A new size of window could require a change in shutters that fits better. Some windows are also naturally more suited to different shutter options for opening and closing. For example, a sliding glass door can accommodate a bypass or Bi-fold track shutter system, which will cover the entire entryway neatly. If you've recently added new windows or doors, consider the shutter possibilities this opens up.
  • You need child or pet safety: Hunter Douglas shutters are designed for safe use in homes with children or pets. As a brochure from the website states, shutters come without cords, reducing the danger for pets or young children who play around them.
  • You want cleaning to go faster: The Palm Beach® Polysatin Shutters are easy to clean and designed to survive moisture and humidity. All shutters are easy to clean and maintain for prolonged use, no matter where you install them in the home. 
  • You've moved your valuable furniture to a new room: Shutters can lessen the chance that colors and textures will fade from exposure to the sun. Valuable, high-quality furniture and furnishings need proper coverage once they've been moved, so choose shutters that will keep them in good condition in a sunny space. Even in a room with no furniture, too much sunlight could affect the floor, so shutters are still a good idea.

Homes will change over time, and you need to find the shutters that reflect the decor style that you love. The best way to find out which custom window coverings are right for you is to work with an expert in your home. Contact Metropolitan Window Fashions today and we can help you set up a free consultation to start considering new shutter options.

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