6 Tips For Bringing Spring Into Your Home

6 Tips For Bringing Spring Into Your Home

While winter can be beautiful, months of cold weather and staying indoors often gives people the blues. During these periods, custom window treatments that keep heat inside are preferable. Once the spring arrives, homeowners have the chance to brighten things up again and bring some life back into their home with a new decor option. This is a chance to see the same functionality from window coverings, just with a lighter touch, which can include popular springtime imagery.

Flowers bring a little bit of springtime into the homeFlowers bring a little bit of springtime into the home

Decorating with flowers, the color green or floral patterns all help to make the main rooms in a house feel lively. Here are some ideas that will bring a sense of seasonal flair to any room:

  • Create a range of colors: Perky colors are an important part of spring decor. Rather than rely on just a few standard familiar colors, homeowners have the chance to present a whole rainbow of shades that gives everyone entering the home a lot of things to look at and "take in." Drapes that carry that spring feeling don't have to be simplistic, and fun patterns with many different elements may match the mood of the season the best.
  • Cultivate herbs and plants: For the true feeling of spring, it's tough to beat actual plants, which give homeowners and visitors a chance to see real growth for themselves. A natural spot for herbs and flowers is the windowsill, especially one in reach of lots of sunlight. An article from Gardening Knowhow suggests placing plants in southern facing windows for the best chance of success, and the window treatments that hang around them should be easy to draw aside from the glass.

    Decorating with flowers, the color green or floral patterns all help to make the main rooms in a house feel lively.

  • Find flower patterns on light backgrounds: Colorful designs have a better chance of standing out if they are printed on fabric that is light-colored or white. In a story for Houzz, Lara Sargent uses the example of a "fresh, color-packed pattern" for curtains that echoes other bright tones used throughout the room, including blue, green and yellow. She also recommends a light fabric that is easy to clean: choosing from a wide selection will help homeowners compare options and decide which fits this quality for their own needs.
  • Hang decorations high in and outside of a window: Placing soothing or eye-catching arrangements in high places around a room, or immediately above custom window coverings, adds more enticing detail to a space in a relatively simple way. Hanging baskets are good for keeping bundles of fresh flowers within sight, and other top treatment features, like cornice boards, will direct attention upwards, incorporating the same design effort into the whole room.
  • Think of stormy weather: The attachments fixed to your windows have to be ready for all of the possible weather changes of the spring season, not just the nice ones. Water-resistant shutters, like the Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin models available in our store, are bright white as well as engineered for moisture resistance. At a time of year when rain is a distinct possibility, protecting the windows is necessary, but the best pieces will keep the house feeling light while still being functional. 
  • Use doors and wall space as well: From the moment a person steps into your home, they can feel the spring energy if you place enough reminders evenly around. The front door, walls, cabinets and tables might all hold festive floral notes, either in the form of patterned materials or actual flowers placed on display.

Even if it doesn't quite feel like full springtime yet, window treatments in NYC can use color and style to help a home shed its drab "winter coat" feeling. Metropolitan Window Fashions provides homeowners a free, at​-home consultation. 

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