5 Ways to Maximize the Light in Your Home

maximize the light

5 Ways to Maximize the Light in Your Home

As summer comes to an end, we anticipate the coming of shorter days and less sunshine. Have you taken steps to maximize the light in your home? It’s not about having bare windows. Frankly, that can be a disaster. It’s about being intentional with the light that enters, while also protecting you from the issues natural light–and too much of it–can bring. If you want to make the most of the light available to you, we have some tips that will help you enjoy the right amount of light for the perfect atmosphere in every room.


#1 Bring In Light Across Your Ceiling.

top down shades maximize the light It’s called daylighting, and it’s one of the best ways to maximize the light in your home. Light that enters across your ceiling will illuminate the room–similar to how the artificial lights of your ceiling work. With bare windows, light floods into your home without rhyme or reason to where it’s going. You can easily end up with areas that are way too bright, as well as spots cast in shadows. To balance the light, directing it to daylight your home, we recommend top down shades. Top down shades lower from the top, protecting the majority of your windows from the annoyances that come from too much light. The light enters across your ceiling for the ideal amount of lighting in your home.


#2 Schedule Your Lighting.

motorization will maximize the light We all need balance in our lives. Lighting is no different. However, there are times of the day when there just isn’t very much light, while other times of day are drenched in sunshine. To create a balanced atmosphere in your home, there’s no better person to dictate a schedule for lighting than you. You know your home the best. And motorized blinds and shades are the best way to maximize the light. Do your kitchen windows face east? Your motorized shades can be set to adjust themselves so you don’t end up sunbathing in your home during breakfast. But later in the evening? You’ll want those motorized shades adjusted open to let in the much-needed light. The best part? Once your schedule is set, all that’s left to do is enjoy.


#3 Adjust the Direction.

shutters maximize the light Depending on the time of year, location of your windows and specific rooms in your home, you might want light to enter. It’s the direction that needs to be controlled. Similar to the top down bottom up feature, you can maximize the light in your home by adjusting blinds, shades and shutters. With simple adjustments, you can change the direction and amount of light entering your space, making the most of the light and your experience. Because every window might be different, this custom adjustment creates the perfect scene.


#4 Frame Your Windows.

Montagu Square

Bare windows leave a space looking unfinished and plain. And, beautiful window treatments are one of the ways to bring the design of your home together. There are some windows that are best left uncovered the majority of the time because the light entering is not overwhelming. To maximize the light while still dressing your windows in character and style, drapery panels create the perfect adornment or window frame. With drapery panels, you have the option to pull them closed when necessary, leaving them open most of the time to invite the light in for a gorgeous atmosphere. And the fabrics bring elements of design to the space.


#5 Change the Arrangement.

furniture arrangement maximize the light Consider the way your home is arranged. Are you using the spaces in your home to maximize the light? Are you hiding in the shadows because of frustrating light? Getting control of the light entering is a huge win when trying to maximize the light in your home. But then? Take a look at how the rooms in your home are put together and consider mixing it up. Once the glare is gone, you could move your favorite chair close to the window to enjoy soft, filtered light and the view.


Ready to Maximize the Light in Your Home?

The light entering your home should have a positive effect on your mood, energy and productivity. If you feel like you need solutions to help you maximize the light in your home, we can help! With an amazing selections of blinds, shades, shutters and custom window treatments, we can add style and functional light control to your home. Make the most of your home, and start living the way you deserve. Contact our design team, at Metropolitan Window Fashions for a free, in-home consultation.

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