5 tips for decorating with curtains

5 tips for decorating with curtains

Sometimes inspiration strikes and you feel the urge to do something drastic to better express your own personal style through your home decor.

Personally, we love it when that happens because it means implementing a new, fun aesthetic and the opportunity to get creative with your space. At Metropolitan Window Fashions, we love coming up with unique ways to incorporate window treatments into interesting and functional design plans.

If you are interested in using curtains to redecorate your home, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Airy – The idea of using curtains in an outdoor space may be foreign to some people, but the look is definitely unique. On a covered porch or patio, hanging light colored curtains can give the space an airy and free feel. HGTV reminds to choose a fabric that is either outdoor-proof or easy-to-wash so that you can maintain the same look year-round.

Elegance – The way that a room looks and feels is all about the colors and fabrics that you use in the design. If you are trying to achieve an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, use heavy brocade curtains over the windows. Tie them back with silk or finished, roped fasteners. This will let light into the room, and give the feel of complete poise. HGTV suggests this kind of look in a formal dining room or sitting room.

Layers – Most homeowners or renters think that one curtain, or set of curtains, suffices in a room – and most of the time it does. But if you want a little something extra or are trying to get privacy and light, consider hanging two sets of curtains or draperies. You could hang sheer curtains at the center of a large bay window, with heavier, solid panels at either end. This gives you the opportunity to add a pop of color in a room, while still maintaining a light airiness.

Shade – If you aren't wild about the look of floor-to-ceiling curtain panels, you might want to consider Roman shades. These simple window treatments come in a variety of colors and sizes, which lets you customize for your home. Additionally, because they aren't as dramatic as curtain panels, you can opt for bold colors or patterns without fear of overwhelming the space.

Valance – If you are sick of the hardware look, valances are a quick fix. They rest on the top trip of windows or doorways to cover the curtain rod and rings for a streamlined, clean look. This is a great option for living and bedrooms as it gives you the opportunity to add a thoughtful design element without any clutter or overwhelming color.

For more design tips, follow along with this blog. If you are interested in learning about our custom curtains and drapes, schedule an at-home consultation with Metropolitan Window Fashions today!

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