5 Easy Scrap Fabric Projects You Need to Try

5 Easy Scrap Fabric Projects You Need to Try

5 Easy Scrap Fabric Projects You Need to Try

Upcycle Your Fabric with These Easy Scrap Fabric Projects

If you’re like most sewing lovers, you’ve got a stash of fabric scraps that are just too pretty to throw away. But what can you do with them? Check out these easy scrap fabric projects that will help you use up those fabric scraps and create something beautiful!

Project 1: Turn Scraps into a Quilt

This is a great project for using up smaller pieces of fabric. Simply sew the scraps together into squares, then arrange the squares into a quilt top. You can quilt it by hand or machine, then bind the edges to finish it off.

Project 2: Make a Fabric Wreath

A fabric wreath is a great way to use up larger pieces of scrap fabric. Cut the fabric into strips, then tie the strips around a wire wreath form. Hang your finished wreath on your front door or in your sewing room.

Project 3: Sew a Fabric Bowl

This is another excellent project for using up larger pieces of fabric. Cut a circular piece of fabric, then sew the edges together to form a bowl shape. You can use your fabric bowl to hold sewing supplies or fill it with potpourri for a sweet-smelling decoration.

Project 4: Make a Scrap Fabric Garland

This project is perfect for using up small pieces of fabric. Simply string the scraps together on a length of yarn or ribbon, then hang your garland wherever you like! This is an excellent way to decorate for different seasons, holidays, or any time of year.

Project 5: Sew a Fabric Pinwheel

This is a fun project for using up small pieces of fabric. Cut the fabric into squares, then sew the squares together to form a pinwheel shape. You can use your pinwheels to decorate your sewing room or any other room in your house.

Choose Fabricland for Your Next Project

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With a bit of creativity, you can find endless ways to use up your fabric scraps! Forget big named stores—it’s best to buy fabric from a local supplier like Fabricland. Our fabric experts are here to help beginners understand textiles and select the best fabric for their projects. We also offer sewing classes for all ages and skill levels. Come to our showroom in Green Brook, New Jersey, today. Happy sewing!

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