4 Theme Ideas For Designing A Child’s Room

4 Theme Ideas For Designing A Child’s Room

When designing a room for a child, no matter how old they are, it's essential to choose a look that will match their personality and feel appropriate to them. Parents also have to be concerned about how long a certain room layout will last, and whether it's cost-effective or not to go for a lavish design when the child is at a young age. It's sometimes tempting to do something grand to celebrate a child getting their own room, but are there options that are both visually appealing and practical?

Here are some different approaches to take when setting up a bedroom for a younger family member, boy or girl, from the highly stylish to the relatively plain:

It's sometimes tempting to do something grand to celebrate a child getting their own room.

  • The "Princess" Bedroom: A designing staple that's hard to get around is the pink "princess" room for children who love fairy tales and dressing up. The Wall Street Journal recently spotlighted photos of some elaborate versions of this concept, with pink walls, castle-themed beds and even one with a mock-Cinderella carriage. But this isn't the only approach: other variants include a pale blue "prince room" with royal flourishes, or one for a 22-year-old woman with more subdued furniture and decor.
  • The Custom Bedroom: Parents could also simply opt for a room with no bold design elements, so they can replace the fixtures within it to suit their child's changing tastes. Vicki Payne of the Charlotte Observer recommends this as an antidote to some of the shocking colors that designers tend to use for children's rooms. "Mixing navy with pale gray and touches of orange, green or red works for all ages," she writes. "Furniture can be wood tone or painted navy, black or dark gray. Pink looks wonderful with beige, white and wood tones." Bedsheets, wall hangings and furniture can all be taken in and out according to what the child prefers  at any time.
  • The Vintage Room: Rather than buy all-new furniture for a child's room, used or vintage items could help add some personality to the space without feeling overwhelming. This could be especially true for older children who want a way to be "cool" and stand out, as an Associated Press piece that appeared in TulsaWorld recently noted. Another advantage to this layout could be fewer places for screen-based devices like televisions and large computer monitors, which could also give your child less electronic stimulation and a better night's sleep.
  • The Privacy Room: If your child is having trouble sleeping, you can create a room that will give him or her extra help getting to sleep and keeping out distractions. Use special window coverings to keep out excess light and make a stronger feeling of privacy, with blackout shades as well as an extra supplement. You may also want to ban electronic devices from this room to keep your young one extra focused. 

More than any of these designs, parents should privilege safety and security as the highest priorities in a room redesign for their children. Adding custom window blind solutions to your child's bedroom windows can maximize the space's level of protection. This could include window films or blinds to grant more privacy by blocking the window, or shades without long hangings or drawstrings, which could pose possible hazards.

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