3 Ways to Embrace Your Hard to Reach Windows

hard to reach windows

3 Ways to Embrace Your Hard to Reach Windows

Look around your home. Do you have windows that you might refer to as ‘Hard to Reach’? Do these out of reach windows enhance your home with character and glowing light? Or, do you find yourself frustrated with your inability to control them? If you’re like most people, it’s probably a combination of both. When windows are hard to reach, it can compromise your lifestyle, but they can still be an asset. While they may seem like an inconvenience at times, they add so much to your home. If you’re looking for ways to get all the benefits of hard to reach windows, while solving the issues, we can help! Take a look at this handy guide we’ve created to ensure you can enhance your windows and enjoy your home.

What Makes Hard to Reach Windows So Great?

Providing character, beauty, lighting and a timeless view, the hard to reach windows can add to the look of your home. But as we mentioned, hard to reach windows can also be difficult to work with. Uniquely shaped, out of your reach–and possibly open and bare, you need solutions that add benefits to the beauty. Embracing the design will help you appreciate them more. Read on for some helpful tips…

3 Ways to Make the Most Out of Hard to Reach Windows…


#1 Find the Right Window Coverings 

hard to reach window solutions

Have you been keeping your windows bare because they’re hard to reach? It might seem like the only solution. Let’s face it–who wants to deal with adjusting out of reach shades or blinds on a regular basis? You probably have enjoyed letting the light enter, as the character of the windows sets a design tone in the room. But bare windows cause issues that you’ll probably get tired of dealing with over time. The best solution would be to find the right coverings for your windows. One great benefit to having high windows, like in a foyer or entryway, is the incredible incoming light. But, do you know that too much light can be damaging? The UV rays are harmful to your furniture and décor, causing fading. In the case of enjoying the incoming light, by choosing window coverings that filter the light, as well as offer UV protection, you get all the benefits without the issues. You can choose translucent fabrics or shades with a sheer backing, like these Pirouette window shadings. Fabric vanes adjust and stay in position to fit your desired level of privacy and light. The sheer backing protects against the harsh sun, leaving your room with a soft glow. The right window coverings will transform your room. 

#2 Reconsider Your Layout 

hard to reach window treatments
Are you dealing with a difficult layout? Do your windows seem to be inconveniently placed?  Perhaps you have floor to ceiling windows, which means you have no choice other than to place your furniture in front of the window. Take time to consider moving your furniture around so that you have access to your windows. Create a layout, where your furniture can float and that focuses on the center of the room, like the one pictured here. Setting up a ‘conversation scene’ gives you access all the way around your furniture, while making the open floor plan seem cozy and inviting. Working around your hard to reach windows will give you better control of their functioning, with regard to daily adjustment for issues like light control and privacy. A few slight changes can make a  dramatic difference. 

#3 Add Motorization 

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A simple (and very convenient) solution to managing your hard to reach windows would be to add motorization. Motorized blinds take away the need for you to manually adjust your blinds. If you want your hard to reach windows to be open for the majority of the day, but closed when the sun is shining through in the afternoon, you can create a schedule that will make your window treatments automatically adjust. Maybe your home is set up similarly to this picture; you might want to keep some windows covered and others open. No problem! Motorization allows you to schedule the adjustment of your hard to reach windows, which means you can get the most use out of them.

Embrace Your Windows! 

There’s no need to be frustrated or discouraged by hard to reach windows. They often add character and beauty to a home, which is why they should be embraced! Finding the right window coverings will add style, convenience, and a new love for your windows. Are you ready to transform your hard to reach windows? Stop in for an inspirational visit to one of exclusive Hunter Douglas galleries. Or, let us come to you. Contact our team today for a free, in-home consultation.

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