3 Great Features of Luminette Privacy Sheers

3 Great Features of Luminette Privacy Sheers

Privacy and security is important in any home, but not everybody will think window coverings are the answer. For window solutions that provide a strong sense of safety but are also lightweight and bright, consider the Luminette Privacy Sheers from Hunter Douglas. With these, any space can achieve a balance of proper lighting and security that makes the home feel complete.

The specialized combination design of soft sheers and sturdy privacy vanes could be a compromise for those homeowners that want to feel safe, but not confined. There are other reasons to love these pieces, too, and here are three features of Luminettes that could make them worth a look:

Luminette Privacy Sheers can be easily adjusted to personal preferences, thanks to the shades' built-in automated system.

  • Automated controls make for simple home adjustment: Luminette Privacy Sheers can be adjusted to personal preferences in a snap, thanks to the shades' built-in automated system. From anywhere in the room, these custom window shades can be shifted, opened, closed and left in whatever position best fits the surrounding decor. This system can also be synced up with other mobile devices at home, allowing you to seamlessly move your curtains just by using your iPad! That extra bit of control can make the room feel especially comfortable, since you know you can change the light settings as you please. Standard wand control is also available for those that like the traditional touch.
  • Easy to work with in any decor: The light textures of these shades make them easy to adapt to nearly any room, no matter what the surrounding colors or textures are. If you'd like the window to be a bright, visible part of the room that anyone who enters is excited to see, these sheers will prevent a space from feeling gloomy. As the photos on our product page show, they are ideal for stretching over large windows or sliding glass doors in prominent studies or living rooms, but they could fit into other kinds of rooms as well.
  • Sized to fit your windows perfectly: Not only do these shades offer just what you need to make a room feel comfortable, they can also be customized to work with the environment in a way that standardized shades can't. Encompassing the entirety of the window is important to keeping the whole room safe while still leaving it open to natural lighting. The exact fit makes the overall room feel more complete after the shades have been successfully set up, which, thanks to professional guidance, shouldn't take long.

Luminette Privacy Sheers can be valuable window pieces that simply add to the security and ambience of your home. You can learn more about these sheers by visiting the Metropolitan Window Fashions website and setting up a free at-home consultation with our design specialists to help you get started.

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