Floor To Ceiling Windows: Embrace Beauty, Solve Problems

floor to ceiling windows

Floor To Ceiling Windows: Embrace Beauty, Solve Problems

Do you have breathtaking views and gorgeous light coming into your home through floor to ceiling windows? Was it one of the traits that made you fall in love at first sight with your home? And what about now? Now that you’ve lived with them…do you still love your large windows? It can be hard to accept the frustrations that come with reality. The reality of floor to ceiling windows is that no matter how much you love that gorgeous light, those breathtaking views–there are issues. But, the real world struggle of floor to ceiling windows can be solved. You’ll be happier with the amazing benefits that come from adding custom window treatments, and your home will feature a stunning backdrop of your view and designer fabrics. Need solutions? Take a look…


Enhance the View–Add Upscale Style.

scenery with floor to ceiling windowsWe know you’re feeling conflicted. You fell in love with your home because the floor to ceiling windows give you a dynamic view–why would you want to cover it up? Well, we’re on the same page with you! We don’t want to cover up that view–we want to enhance it. Enhance it with fabrics that give you a gorgeous backdrop for your home, but still let you enjoy your view–even with shades in the lowered position.

Choose Your Beauty. Our collections of Sheer Shadings, Designer Screen Shades and Roller Shades all offer your home an opportunity to show off that breathtaking view while providing amazing benefits and upscale style. Fall in love with your floor to ceiling windows all over again!


Enjoy the Light–Stop Hiding.

light control floor to ceiling windowsOne of the biggest struggles with floor to ceiling windows is also one of the things you love about them. There’s so much light. Natural light fills your home for beautiful daylighting and amazing atmosphere. Why is that a problem? Because without control, there’s no telling where, when and how much light will be flooding your home. Of course you want your home to have gorgeous sunshine. On your terms. With floor to ceiling windows, they key is controlling the light. And the right window treatments make it possible.

The Decision is Yours: Opacity, Direction, Features. It’s all up to you. With amazing fabrics and features that give you custom window treatments to create the perfect atmosphere in your home, you won’t have to deal with relentless light, UV rays or annoying glare. And we even have dual shade systems that give you a range of light control from room darkening to light filtering.  


Find Comfort–No More Sacrifices.

energy efficient floor to ceiling windowsNo matter the season of the year, but definitely during the summer months, if you have floor to ceiling windows, the heat they bring into your home causes discomfort. It’s almost as if you have to escape from your own home. Bare windows can also make you feel uncomfortable from the lack of privacy. It may be difficult to see in during the day, but in the evening? Does it feel like your neighbors can see you eating dinner? Nope–it’s time for a change. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort because you have floor to ceiling windows.

Make Smart Choices. You might be surprised to find out that only specific times of the day add to the frustrations of your large windows. We have energy efficient window shades that will bring comfort to your home, exactly when you need it. PowerView motorization puts the activation of your shades into the palm of your hands. And with features like top down bottom up, you’ll get amazing light, even during the ‘problem’ times of day, by saving your favorite scenes and settings on the PowerView app.


Floor to Ceiling Windows–Get Solutions You Deserve.

Your floor to ceiling windows are one of your favorite parts of your home. And they should be. With glorious amounts of light and the best views around, they make your home beautiful. But you deserve solutions to stay in love with them, no matter the issues. Our design experts at Metropolitan Window Fashions can come to you and show you what’s possible! With inspiration and ideas, we’ll help you select solutions to not only help you find comfort, but increase the enjoyment and style of your home! Let’s get started today!

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